Help Mission: DFW Identify Patriotic Companies Today!

Your Submission will help conservatives across the country identify which companies align with our values so we can support them as a movement by giving them our business.


Here’s How You Can Help:

Individual Action

1. Sign our Petition calling for July to be named American Pride Month.

2. Contact your Congressman and Senators to encourage them to file a resolution proclaiming July “American Pride Month”.

3. Share APM with your friends and family.

4. Showcase your pride in America on social media with #APM in your posts.

Business Pledge

1. Pledge that your business is proud of America, and wants July officially designated as American Pride Month.

2. Commit to displaying an APM sticker in my business and encourage my employees and customers to sign the petition and display their pride in America.

3. Contact your Congressman and Senators to encourage them to file the resolution naming July “American Pride Month”.


Do believe July should be American Pride Month?

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Apply now to become an ambassador

Contact your Congressman to make July American Pride month!

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American Pride Month is a project of Mission DFW.